NCAA OKs “Sand Volleyball” As New Varsity Sport

Last July, we served up word that the NCAA was considering adding beach volleyball - or “sand volleyball”, as they prefer to call it -  to their varsity curriculum. Now that wonderful dream has become a reality.

beach volleyball sand volleyball

(Coming soon to a campus near you!)

Tom Hoffarth of FARTHER OFF THE WALL reports that the NCAA Division I Legislature voted to add sand volleyball to their list of emerging sports for women. In other words, schools can now start fielding teams that will be officially recognized by the NCAA.

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‘Cracking The Code’ Behind Beach Volleyball Butts

You might not be aware, but the Olympics are almost here. And as official broadcaster of the Summer Games, NBC is dedicated to bringing viewers as much Olympic coverage as they can handle. As such, NBCOLYMPICS.COM offers an alluring image gallery of beach volleyball babes in action, featuring fab photos like this one:

Beach volleyball butt

And the headline NBC used for their photo essay? “Cracking The Code“.

We get behind more volleyball rumps after the jump.

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