Baylor U. Tailgate Beer Thief Caught In The Act

There are few things as unabashedly joyous in this country as the football tailgate. People of all walks of life come together for a common goal — to share in the love of their team, and prove it by eating meat and drinking beer. There’s also quite a tradition of sharing. As long as you’re wearing the right colors, just about anyone will offer you a cold one and a cheddar brat. Heck, I’ve been wearing the road team’s gear and been welcomed by the opposing team’s fans in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Baylor tailgate thief

(Mom and dad must be proud.)

But, as Walter Sobchak says in The Big Lebowski: This is not ‘Nam, Smokey. There are rules. And one is that you don’t sneak around and steal things from other people’s tailgates. Because there are these things called cameras. And this other thing called the Internet. And when you take beer from Baylor fans, they’ll make sure you end up shamed for the rest of your life, like this young lady (thief) above. And it is posted as a reminder to the world that this aggression will not stand, man.

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Video: High School Girl Can Dunk Ball With Ease

Michael David Smith of FANHOUSE has the find of the year, as far as we’re concerned:

The video is of Brittney Griner, who is now a 6-foot-7 junior in high school in the Houston area. She dunks routinely in games as well, and recently signed a letter of intent with Baylor. Read more…