Week In Review: Danica’s Tat MIA From SI Shoot

Danica Patrick’s lower back tattoo: Now you see it, now you don’t.

Danica Patrick with tattoo without

• Speaking of SI, one long-time contributor isn’t a big fan of their latest swimsuit model selections, calling them “creepy” and “alien-ish“. On the other hand, they can sure sell Big Nut Bars.

• Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie tried to get jiggy with ESPN reporter Jeannine Edwards.

• A British beauty has been banned from boxing because of her breast implants.

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Recap: All-Out Basket Brawl Breaks Out In ‘Bama

• Hot tempers flare at a high school playoff game, as a basketbrawl breaks out in ‘Bama.

Georgia High School Basketball Brawl

Sean Williams learns you can’t go home again - or the Boston College campus police will arrest you for trespassing.

• The rest of Tracy McGrady’s season with the Rockets has been aborted.

• Reason #54,762 the minors are better than the majors: Free food for the kiddies - for all the kids, all year long!

• Another sign of the struggling economy: Tickets for the ACC tournament are going to be sold to the general public for the first time in 42 years.

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Basketbrawl Breaks Out In Ala. HS Playoff Game

I always thought that football was the only sport they took seriously down in SEC country, but apparently basketball is pretty important as well. On Tuesday night, Carver-Montgomery High School and Valley High School were facing off in the Alabama state playoffs when a fight broke out during the fourth quarter.

Georgia High School Basketball Brawl

There was 6:23 left in the game when Enrique Florence of Valley shoved Carver’s Roquez Johnson, and what started as a shoving match between the two players quickly turned into an all-out brawl featuring members of the team’s benches and people in the crowd. Of course, what fun is reading about a fight when you can see video of it after the jump?

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Terrelle Pryor Involved In HS B-Ball Hijinks Again

Looks like Terrelle Pryor is trying to put the “action” into his action figure, as the PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE reports that the popular Pennsylvania prospect was part of a basketball brawl over the weekend.

Terrelle Pryor high school basketball

Pryor & his Jeannette High School teammates scuffled with players from North Catholic after the Jayhawks’ playoff victory on Saturday. Catholic coach Dave Long said the Jeannette players went after his squad outside the locker rooms. But Pryor claims the Catholic kids started it with verbal attacks of their own: Read more…