Jordan, Nike Turn Hall Of Fame Into Hall Of Fake

Michael Jordan’s not a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame yet. He’s been voted in, of course, and he’ll be inducted on 9/11 (Guys, you couldn’t have picked a better day? Like literally any other day?), but technically, he’s not there yet. But he’s got an exhibit there already in advance of his enshrinement.

Michael Jordan Hall of Fake
(Hey, neat, right?)

It’s a sprawling shrine to the man who revolutionized not only pro basketball but corporate sponsorship - and therein lies a rather jarring problem. That entire exhibit to him, full of sneakers and championship rings? None of it came from MJ himself.

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Hoops Hall of Fame Might Be Going Under Soon

One of the few great moments in Monday night’s NCAA title game (unless you’re a Carolina fan I guess) was the unveiling of the new basketball Hall of Fame class, which includes Michael Jordan, David Robinson, and John Stockton. Unfortunately, the way things are going, the building in which they’ll be inducted might not be around much longer.

basketball hall-of-fame

According to SI’s Alexander Wolff, the hoops Hall in Springfield, Mass., is flailing and mired in millions of dollars of debt. While it appears that everything possible will be done to keep the museum open, one option being floated around is selling off the Hall’s memorabilia and essentially shutting down.

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Dickie V Turns On The Tears for Hall of Fame Talk

WILDCAT BLITZ comes across an awesome clip of Dick Vitale getting so emotional, baby! (Yeah, sort of like that Whitney Houston song.)

Dick Vitale video game screen

(Image on loan from the 100% INJURY RATE collection)

Dickie V’s tears came on his recent nomination into the Basketball Hall of Fame. After an eloquent introduction by Jim Nantz, Vitale was given his own “08″ jersey, and when it was his turn to talk, we almost witnessed the impossible - Dick going speechless.

(Video after the jump.)

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