Padres Pitcher P.O.’ed at ESPN Baseball Coverage

On any given afternoon or evening of ESPN’s baseball coverage, there’s a 95% chance the Worldwide Leader is showing and/or chatting about the Yankees or Red Sox or Mets (and for comedic effect, the Cubs), with the other 5% possibly devoted to MLB’s 26 other clubs - unless there’s breaking footage of A-Rod using a Soloflex during his rehab.

Heath Bell Padres pitcher

And you baseball viewers out there are undoubtedly thinking, “Yeah, tell us something we don’t know”. Well, now you have company in complaining about ESPN’s over-saturation of all things Yanks, Sawx & Mets - San Diego Padres pitcher Heath Bell.

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At Times John Kruk Wants To Punch Karl Ravech

Have you ever been watching “Baseball Tonight” or any other studio show on ESPN and wondered if the anchors actually liked each other? I mean, I know I can’t stand most of the talking heads ESPN puts on the air so you have to figure there are times when Mike Ditka wants to reach across the desk and punch Stuart Scott right in his lazy eye when he says “Boo-ya!”

The one ESPN personality who I think has probably had it worse than anybody else is Karl Ravech. As host of Baseball Tonight he’s had to work with his fair share of idiots.  Sure, dealing with Harold Reynolds wasn’t too bad — well, except for Harold’s insistence on post-show hugs — and Peter Gammons is an icon, but aside from those two there are a lot more Steve Phillips and John Kruks sitting behind that desk. There has to be occasions where Ravvy just wants to choke Krukker after he says something that makes no real sense, but if there have been, Karl isn’t talking.

Of course, the same can’t be said of Kruk.

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Singleton to Mumble Through Baseball Tonight

In a classic burying of the lede, the CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s Teddy Greenstein reported Tuesday that former WGN analyst, Cy Young winner, and White Sock Steve Stone would take on the analyst role for the local White Sox radio broadcasts because former White Sock and noted… former White Sock Chris Singleton is moving from the radio booth to BASEBALL TONIGHT.

Chris Singleton in the wild

(Talk about your reaches)

ESPN continues to pile up ex-players, bringing the current count of former cup-wearing personalities to eight. This surely solidifies their position as the Worldwide Leader in stacking former major leaguers like cordwood behind the studio facade.

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