Never Ask Ballplayers for Fantasy Football Advice

Why does any sportswriter ever ask any ballplayer for their opinion on what their team should do to go to some mythical next level or stop drowning in the current one?  (We mean, other than the easily-produced quote and/or controversy to fill inches and minutes.)  What gives sportswriters the impression that ballplayers know any more about front office skills than we do?

Fantasy football trophy?

(We imagine Curt Schilling had this made for one of his fantasy football trophies)

For example, the NEW YORK TIMES checks in on the most exciting time of the year for many baseball players.  No, not the pennant races.  Not September callups, offering more people to carry their bags for them while dressed in drag.  (Though that one’s kinda cool.  We won’t lie.)

No, it’s time for fantasy football drafts, where you can get in on pools with Scot Shields (also known as “Easy Money”).

Why is he now known as “Mr. Sucker Bet” in the Tuffy household?
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