Minor Leaguer Suddenly Has 100 Grandparents

When I initially heard today about a story of a baseball player who moved into an assisted living facility, my first inclination was to congratulate Jamie Moyer on his new home. But no, this is (sadly?) the tale of a 25-year-old playing for the Lake Erie Crushers of the independent Frontier League who’s just trying to scrap his way up the baseball ladder. And likes to watch reruns of “Diagnosis Murder”.

Josh Faiola minor leaguer in assisted living

In the Frontier League, players normally live with host families in order to cut down on costs. Well, it just so happens that Josh Faiola’s host family is the Belvedere of Westlake assisted living facility. And the residents are acting like Babe Ruth just moved into the building. Imagine having 100 sets of grandparents — and living with all of them. Welcome to Josh’s world.

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