Jim Rice Rips Manny, A-Rod; Makes Children Cry

If there’s one thing I hate about the Little League World Series … well, there are a lot of things. But if there’s one thing I love about it, it’s when old Major Leaguers show up and tell the youngsters grouchy yarns about how things were better in the old days. Kids love that! You go, Jim Rice.

Jim Rice

Rice was a featured speaker on opening day of the Little League World Series today, and instead of the generic gladhanding that one would expect from someone who was recruited by the staid, conservative Little League organization, Rice proceeded to tell the kids what’s wrong with the game today. Read more…

Lee Smith Would Like To Be In The Hall Of Fame

Over the last few years there have been quite a few closers who have been elected into baseball’s Hall of Fame. In 2004 Dennis Eckersley was voted in, and he was followed by Bruce Sutter in 2006 and Goose Gossage in 2008. It’s a pretty remarkable feat for the three of them, as historically, the closer position hasn’t gotten that much love from Hall of Fame voters. Of course while all three of those guys had amazing careers and deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, there is something else they have in common.

None of them have as many career saves as Lee Smith. When Smith retired from the game, he was the all-time leader in saves with 478, and he held on to the record until Trevor Hoffman broke it in 2006. Now most people are saying that Hoffman, along with Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, is a sure thing to enter the Hall after he retires. All of which confuses Smith more and more every year as he sits around and doesn’t get elected.

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Bonds’ Record* HR Ball Delivered To Hall After All

Yesterday, we told you that Barry Bonds’ home run record-breaking* ball wouldn’t be heading for the Hall of Fame any time soon. Well, change “not anytime soon” to “Tuesday night”.

Marc Ecko Barry Bonds ball Cooperstown sign

(Marc Ecko’s prized possession [pre-branding] on the road to Cooperstown)

The ASSOCIATED PRESS follows up that home run ball #756 arrived in Cooperstown, NY, last evening, compliments of fashion designer Marc Ecko. The Hall earlier reported that talks between themselves and ball owner Ecko had “unfortunately reached an impasse“, when Ecko apparently wanted to present the ball as a loan instead of a gift.

But the designer wonders where the museum ever got that idea:

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Bonds’ Record HR Ball Not Going To Hall After All

For those worried about Barry Bonds’ asterisk-branded home run record ball causing all sorts of controversy at the Baseball Hall of Fame, worry no more. The ball’s not coming to Cooperstown, after all.

Barry Bonds asterisk baseball

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that talks between the Hall and Marc Ecko, the fashion designer who owns #756*, have “unfortunately reached an impasse.” The problem? Ecko wants the ball to be only a loaner:

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Jackie Robinson Hall of Fame Plaque Gets Update

Sometimes the players’ plaques at the National Baseball Hall of Fame get changed, usually to correct factual errors. But in Jackie Robinson’s case, the Hall decided to update his plaque to recognize the late Dodger’s achievements in breaking baseball’s color barrier.

Jackie Robinson old & new Hall of Fame plaques

In a ceremony held in Cooperstown, NY, on Wednesday, Robinson’s wife Rachel & daughter Sharon were on hand for the unveiling of Jackie’s new plaque, which now included his contributions to giving minorities a chance to play Major League Baseball. Read more…