Blog Expo-Fest-O-Rama:You’ll Be My Cowboy Man

Emmitt Smith defends the legacy of the Dallas Cowboys by declaring Terrell Owens to be a non-Cowboy, according to FANHOUSE. What’s wrong, Emmitt; not enough hookers and blow to meet the minimum requirements?

George Teague and Terrell Owens

(George Teague agrees)

• This young lady would like to find marital bliss with Korean pitching star Kim Kwang-hyun. EAST WINDUP CHRONICLE has found as a clear visual definition of ‘moxie’ as we’ve ever seen.

Kim Kwang-hyun has a bride waiting for him after the game

(White seems a bit presumptuous here)

Matt Loede of NFL GRIDIRON GAB has spotted another Hochuli Hiccup in today’s action. We bet you hear more about this later.  Just a guess.
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