Barkley Taking A “Leave Of Absence” From TNT

For a long time, it seemed like Charles Barkley was Teflon: nothing he could do or say, no matter how outrageous or crazy, could ruin his place as a media darling. But the last few months haven’t been kind to Sir Charles: from his gambling and money problems to his recent DUI arrest, the hits have been coming fast and furious.

Charles Barkley headphones

And now the fallout is really beginning: USA TODAY is reporting that he is taking a leave of absence from the network to deal with the ramifications from his recent DUI arrest in Arizona. As AWFUL ANNOUNCING notes, this might be the best plan of action, as TNT would love to put the controversy on the back burner and avoid having to fire one of their media stars.

(Still no word yet on if T-Mobile is planning on continuing their association with Barkley as the celebrity endorser, but if they do, let me recommend that they add the local taxi service to his “My 5.”)

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