Cheerleader Barbie Named One Of The Worst Toys

Like most regular parents, I don’t consider a cheerleader to be the most appropriate role model for my child. In fact, my wife refuses to let anyone buy a USC Song Girl outfit for our 18-month-old daughter, and has made it clear that she will disown anyone who does. So our daughter has a USC football jersey instead.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Barbie and the real thing

(Can you spot the plastic doll from the real cheerleader?)

But according to the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, a Song Girl outfit is not the most sexually objectifying gift you can get for your toddler this year. They have “honored” the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Barbie with one of the five nominations for their TOADY (Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young Children) Award, and you can vote for the winner!

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Mattel Sells Barbie Golf To Four Year Old Girls

HEY, IF THERE’S GRASS ON THE COURSE! … OK … BAD JOKE: Because they can’t think of a better place for four-year girls than the golf course, USA TODAY reports that the well-meaning folks at Mattel are now marketing Barbie golf bags and equipment.

Barbie Golf

Besides the Barbie golf bag, the set includes a driver, iron, putter, carrying bag and USGA-approved golf ball, as well as a (no doubt stylish) visor, six wooden tees and three ball markers (the girls are obviously too young to worry about head covers).

Golf Date Barbie

This is the second foray onto the links for the Mattel brand. The company actually had something called “Golf Date Barbie” back in 1992, which no doubt inspired a generation of pretty young things to hook up with John Daly:

John Daly Drunk Photo