Rivals Acccuse Robby Gordon Of Going Rosie Ruiz

Last weekend, Robby Gordon decided to use the NASCAR Sprint Cup off-week to do some off-road racing, running in the grueling Baja 250. Apparently, he also decided that if it was worth running, it was worth winning - at any cost. Because as FROM THE MARBLES reports, Gordon is being called a dirty cheater by rivals who say he veered off the course to cut shave four miles and make a pass for second place.

Robby Gordon

I admit that I’m frequently confused, but one thing I cannot wrap my head around is this: they have courses in off-road racing? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being, you know, off the road? I would have thought that they would just choose a finish point 250 miles from the starting line and let the drivers decide how to get there.

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