Bailout $$$ Being Spent On Bowl Sponsorships?

The definition of giant, swinging, I-don’t-give-a-sh*t-what-you-think balls: spending millions of dollars to sponsor College Bowl Games when you’re receiving handouts from the government. Anyone reading this should be pissed beyond belief that our dollars are being spent in order to make sure announcers can’t call it the Rose Bowl, but “The Rose Bowl Game Presented By Citi.”

Rose Bowl

There’s also the Capital One Bowl. Or the GMAC Bowl. The Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl brought to you by Bank of America. The EagleBank Bowl. And who could forget the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl sponsored by U.S. Bancorp. All sponsorships cost millions, and all from companies who screwed up so badly they had to take millions and billions out of taxpayers’ pockets.

Sufficiently furious yet?

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UAW Losing Millions Keeping Golf Course Open

We all know what’s going on in Detroit. And no, I’m not talking about the Lions for once. The auto industry is in shambles, and has become the latest beneficiary of a “bailout.” Fortunately, the United Auto Workers union is being very frugal with its own resources right now. Or maybe they’re spending millions of dollars a year maintaining a golf resort.

golf course

(No word if losses due to scores of broken-down golf carts)

That’s right, the UAW has a $6.4 million golf course in Michigan that’s part of a larger $33 million “retreat” center that is losing money every year. The UAW claims that the center hosts important courses and seminars on leadership and political action, among other thing. Critics say the thing is just a fun getaway for union bosses.

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