Those Canadians, Always The TeeVee Innovators

Jimmy Traina of’s HOT CLICKS has a frightening (for all the wrong reasons) look back at Toronto Blue Jays coverage in 1984:

One more reason we love Canada. And Rick Dempsey, at least before three fingers of Cutty every night finally took its toll.

Dallas Stars Have Your Bad Reality TV Right Here

Via FARK, we have located a dandy YouTube video of a prank that’s a bit less harrowing and nasty than the Phillies’ Brett Myers setting up the fake trade bit on Kyle Kendrick: the Dallas Stars took rookie defenseman Matt Niskanen’s Pontiac Sunfire and “pimped” it.

It’s all surprisingly rather low key in comparison — goalie Marty Turco isn’t going to be mistaken for Xzibit anytime soon, and the most amusing bit is that it’s not even Niskanen’s car — he’s been borrowing it from his parents. Rookie salary structures are tough things, aren’t they?

Best Damn Sports Show Polygraphed Ray Lewis?

Ray Lewis

Can this be true? We finally get to know the truth from Ray Lewis?

Ben Maller of reports today that “Ravens LB Ray Lewis took a lie detector test as part of a segment called ‘Best Damn Moment of Truth,’ a play off of Fox’s new popular reality show.

In the segment, which will air during Best Damn on Friday night (check local listings), Lewis is asked numerous questions.

Wow, that’s pretty amazing, that Lewis would submit to a lie detector test on national television. Read more…