The SEC Is Just a Plain Mess At Referee Anymore

The evidence continues to collect against the Florida Gators’ comeback win against Arkansas this past weekend. While it takes a delusionally paranoid partisan to think that referees this incompetent could actually swing a game in one team’s favor and get away with it, Arkansas certainly received no favors.

Arkansas Florida Personal Foul
(This was a crucial personal foul call. On the guy on the left, of course; it’s not like the Florida player was trying to hit him or anything.)

But as referee calls seem to skew evermore toward the power programs of the SEC, casual fans can’t help but question exactly where the SEC’s priorities lie. Video evidence? Oh, there’s plenty of it.

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UW-BYU Officiating Controversy Not Going Away

The Pac-10 probably hoped that all this hubbub over the end of Saturday’s  Washington-BYU game (read this if you’ve been living in a cave and don’t know what’s going on) would blow over and everyone would be more than happy to put it behind them and move on. But you don’t know Terry Bowden very well, do you Pac-10?

Terry Bowden

Bowden’s scathing criticism of the call brought the whole incident back into the limelight, then later in the day the Pac-10 officiating coordinator slyly threw the game’s referee under the proverbial bus.

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