Meet The First Indian People To Meet Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds might not be playing baseball these days, but he hasn’t given up on the game altogether. Seems that between attemps to drop off the face of the Earth, he’s giving baseball lessons to a couple of Indian pitchers — and I don’t mean Cliff Lee and Fausto Carmona. He even had them over to the house.

Million Dollar Arm Indian pitchers

(Their best pitch is the “wicked googly”)

The Million Dollar Arm is like American Idol, except it’s in India and instead of a pop star they wade through thousands of cricket bowlers with good arms to find two who get the opportunity to try and be the first Indian to play pro baseball in the U.S. The winners then travel to America, play some games for a small Christian school in So Cal, and write an unintentionally hilarious blog.

Excerpts, and details of the Bonds meeting, after the jump

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Please, Just Give Us More Of Funny Or Die Baby

Link to the new “R-Rated” trailer for latest Will Ferrell sports movie.

Will Ferrell Semi-Pro Trailer Image

I laughed exactly zero times in those 108 seconds. But if you enjoy the Ferrell formula of no clever dialogue (unless you consider telling a referee ‘suck my c—, I’ll murder your family‘ clever) and cheap, physical gags to get laughs, it appears you’ll relish “Semi-Pro.”

OK, that was a letdown, but here’s a comedic production that’s actuall funny, albeit with a slightly lower budget: