I Guess The Packers Hate Babies, Love Fat People

The age-old conflict between fat people and babies is being waged once again in West Allis, Wisconsin, and all we can do is take cover and hope the side that wins will be benevolent rulers. Tony Sparacino, a 83-year-old longtime Green Bay Packers fan, is challenging the team’s policy of requiring babies to have tickets to get into Lambeau Field.

His reasoning? There’s bench seating at Lambeau, and the Packers let enormous fat people take up two seats (or more) with only one admission. So why should babies, who sit in people’s laps and don’t take up a seat at all, have to have their own ticket?

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Please, Just Give Us More Of Funny Or Die Baby

Link to the new “R-Rated” trailer for latest Will Ferrell sports movie.

Will Ferrell Semi-Pro Trailer Image

I laughed exactly zero times in those 108 seconds. But if you enjoy the Ferrell formula of no clever dialogue (unless you consider telling a referee ‘suck my c—, I’ll murder your family‘ clever) and cheap, physical gags to get laughs, it appears you’ll relish “Semi-Pro.”

OK, that was a letdown, but here’s a comedic production that’s actuall funny, albeit with a slightly lower budget: