Hot Nets Dancer Claims Lineage To Abe Lincoln

One usually doesn’t associate President’s Day with “sexy,” unless you happen to have some sort of Zachary Taylor fetish. (And if you do, please go back to your Taylor/Millard Fillmore slash fiction, thanks.) But NBC NEW YORK has found a way to make your three-day weekend a little hotter: Meet Bonnie Lincoln, New Jersey Nets dancer and the alleged direct descendant of Abraham Lincoln.

Bonnie Lincoln Nets dancer

I’ll have to admit that I was pretty skeptical of her claims - anyone with the last name “Lincoln” could say they are related to our 16th President. Plus, have you seen pictures of the guy? As they would have said back in the day, he definitely had a face made for telegraphs.  It’s difficult to imagine that even 200 years of thinning out of his gene pool could wind up producing a hot NBA cheerleader.

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