Kalas’ Casket to be On Display at Phillies’ Ballpark

Legendary Phillies announcer Harry Kalas, who passed away on Monday after collapsing in the Nationals’ broadcast booth, will be given one more final tribute by the team he covered for so many years.

Harry Kalas

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reports that Kalas’ casket will be put on public display at home plate at Citizens Bank Park. This Saturday starting at 8:45 a.m., fans will be able to file past and pay their respects to the beloved broadcaster. The public viewing will be offered for four hours, after which follows a memorial service.

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Ichiro Now Comes Equipped With 92MPH Fastball

Throughout the history of baseball there have been many great hitters who could double as pitchers, and many great pitchers who weren’t pushovers with the stick in their hands either.  The greatest example of this type of player will always be Babe Ruth, who won 89 games as a member of the Boston Red Sox before being sold to the Yankees where he became the Sultan of Swat and started smacking homers in between shotgunning beers and hot dogs (sometimes doing all three at the same time).

It’s not surprising considering that most young pitchers also play the field and bat through college, and don’t become one or the other until they turn pro.  Of course, even though Ichiro Suzuki didn’t grow up in the United States, that didn’t keep him from knowing how to pitch as well as hit, and there’s a possibility Ichiro may be used as an emergency pitcher on Japan’s WBC team.  Which is why he’s been working on his fastball.

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Now Put George Washington’s Hair in Your Spokes

The top two trading card companies have lost their ever-flippin’ minds.  They’ve finally moved up from the history-gutting desecration of Babe Ruth jerseys and bats of baseball’s best and just started slapping anything vaguely historical and creepy into a wax paper pack and calling it “collectible”, like George Washington’s hair.

Smell my hair!

You may find it shameful and ridiculous to chop up pieces of human history and jam them into the hands of OCD adults (because, c’mon, only the 10-year-old Alex P. Keaton’s trying to collect the whole Ronald Reagan set). You would be correct.  We don’t send kids home from a natural history museum field trip with chunks o’Cleopatra for a reason.
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The Anti-Christ Is 12-Years Old & Lives In England

Here in the United States and around the globe, we hold our sporting records to be rather sacred.  Those who set the records tend to get mythologized over time and looked at as Gods to us.  For proof of this, just look at the crap Hank Aaron had to go through when he was on the verge of breaking Babe Ruth’s home run record, or at how horrified we were at the thought of Barry Bonds breaking Hank’s mark.

Right now in England there’s a 12-year old kid who I’m going to say has broken an unofficial record.  This kid has dedicated his entire 12 years of existence to achieving his dream, but now it looks like his road to glory is going to take a bit of a detour.

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As Yanks Falter, Stadium Asks To Die With Dignity

For the first time since the strike-shortened 1994 season, Yankee Stadium won’t see October baseball (although the Yanks are still mathematically alive for a wild-card tie). And since there won’t be any playoff games, we might as well just tear the whole place down and start over.

Yankee Stadium

The Orioles did their job of laying down and letting the Yankees win the final game at the 85-year-old ballpark. I mean, they gave up a home run to Jose Molina for crap’s sake. Mariano Rivera got the final out for a non-save (the Yanks won by four), and Joe Girardi curiously removed Derek Jeter from the game with two outs in the ninth (are they imploding Jeter too?). And then afterward, “New York, New York” blared from the speakers…like four times in a row. Yup, just your average Yankee game.

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SbB Writer Spends Stormy Night At Wrigley Field

• It was a dark and stormy night at Wrigley Field on Monday, and SbB writer (& White Sox fan) Tom was right in the middle of it.

Wrigley Field rainstorm

• The Carolina Panthers may send Sluggin’ Steve Smith packing.

Prince Fielder & Manny Parra brawl in a Brewers dugout brouhaha.

Brett Favre really doesn’t want to be a bother - even though he is.

• Powerade rolls out a new ad campaign featuring a British Olympic cyclist riding without her clothes on.

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Can’t Blame Babe Ruth’s Death On Cigars & Booze

Everyone knows what killed Babe Ruth in 1948 at the age of 53 - throat cancer, the by-product of years of smoking too many fat cigars and pounding way too much booze. It was a neat, cautionary tale about how even the greatest athletes can be brought down by their own avarice and over-indulgence.

Babe Ruth, 1945

Well, it turns out that the whole story was a lie. The WESTCHESTER (NY) JOURNAL NEWS reports that Dr. William Maloney spent a year researching Ruth’s case, and while it turns out that he did die of cancer, it wasn’t throat cancer at all, but an extremely rare form of cancer called nasopharyngeal carcinoma. His death wasn’t caused by his love of smokes and booze at all, but just being on the wrong end of unlikely odds.

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Brog: If Only We Were As “Edgy” As NFL Sidelines

SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL writer Ethan Skolnick has his perspective on the UNDFTED “sports blogs vs. main media vs. athletes” thing - at MSNBC.com today. His piece on blogs, which features SbB prominently, is a part of a MSNBC web package examining how sports media coverage is evolving (de-?).

SbB MSNBC.com Blog Coverage Piece

Skolnick gives extensive treatment to sports blogs - and for that you also have to credit editors and producers at MSNBC.com. Of course, you still aren’t likely to see a substantive, somewhat even-handed piece on sports blogs on a newspaper site. The dinosaurs (management, not editorial) running those operations are too busy cutting buyout checks and overseeing outright layoffs to recognize the influence SbB, DSpin, WL, TBL, and other sites wield.

I’ll clarify some of my comments from the piece momentarily, but I have to first observe this funny from the piece’s obligatory academic:

“I read Deadspin and The Big Lead every day,” said Sandy Padwe, an associate professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. “But both of them are unbelievably misogynistic. It’s OK to scour the Internet and link to other things, some of which are obviously true. But then what is it with all the pictures of the women on there, half of them don’t relate to anything going on in sports?”

Now, I was thinking the same thing last time I saw body-painted, a$$-cracked models on SI.com. And the Hooters Girls on FOXSports.com. And the Fantasy Sports Girls on AOL Fanhouse. And NFL cheerleaders warming adolescents in the front row with their eco-friendly ends. And the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER selling photos of Allison Stokke. And …

Houston Texans Cheerleaders

As some of you know, we can’t publish “edgy” SbB Girls photos that feature implied nudes, a$$ cracks, thongs, see-thru, etc., if we expect to land Madison Avenue advertisers. That practice is reserved for 75-year-old brands or billion-dollar internet ops.
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Blog-Eat-Blog World: Evaluating The Benson Era

  • FAN NATION wonders if Cedric Benson was the worst draft pick ever. At least Ryan Leaf made us laugh.

Cedric Benson smiling mugshot

Blog-O-Rama: Manny Makes Red Sox Fans Tumble

• DEADSPIN finds some Red Sox fan rolling along the dugout after Manny Ramirez’s 500th homer.

Red Sox fan about to somersault

• USA TODAY’S GAME ON steps up to say high school b-ball phenom Lance Stephenson has narrowed his college choices to USC, UCLA & Kansas.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING loses their appetite when Chip Caray & Mitch Williams spend some TBS air time chatting in an Applebee’s.

• CHECK MY TAG is relieved that the St. Louis Cardinals’ experiment with peanut-free seating has cracked the media’s attention.

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