Huggins? More Like Huggy Bear Against Bearcats

West Virginia basketball had one of its worst showings in school history last night. And no, we’re not talking about Bob Huggins’ sideline ensemble:

Bob Huggins Gold Suit

Cincinnati hugged it up on defense against WVU, limiting the Mounties to just 20 percent shooting in the Bearcats’ 62-39 win. The game marked Huggins’ first game coaching against Cincinnati since he was forced out as UC coach in 2005.

The NBA rule preventing (most) high school seniors from entering the league’s draft has taken a little pressure off coaches to carry the college game. The talent level has been so crap the past decade-plus that we had to lean on greasy snake oil salesmen coaches like Huggins, John Calipari and Bruce Pearl to keep us entertained (think WWE) until we enter March.