Fake High School Player Chased Scholarship, Girls

We’ve all wanted to go back in time at certain junctures in our lives: I often imagine myself traveling back to 2002 to try and talk some sense into Dusty Baker before Game 7 of the World Series. Or just to be sure, go to 1975 to prevent Livan Hernandez from being born. But here’s one guy who actually did turn back the clock. At least for a while.

Anthony Avalos

(Umm, does he look 17 to you?)

Anthony Avalos attended Kofa High School in Yuma, Arizona as a senior this year; dated high school chicks and even tried out for the basketball team. One problem: He actually graduated from high school in Florida in 2005. Avalos is really 22 years old, and the whole thing was a scam to try and get a basketball scholarship. How did he get caught? You’re gonna laugh … Read more…