HOFer Bunning Has Foundation Benefitting Himself

You might be familiar with wacky Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning, who also happens to be a Hall-of-Fame pitcher (well, Veterans Committee, so not really a Hall-of-Famer). He’s not particularly popular in his home state these days (28% approval rating as of April), and now THE HILL has detailed how Bunning has been using a loophole to pay himself for signing autographs — which is against Senate ethics rules.

Jim Bunning

According to the story, Bunning established the Jim Bunning Foundation, which raises money through Bunning’s appearances at memorabilia shows and other events where Bunning signs autographs. The thing is, Bunning’s foundation seems to have Jim Bunning as its main beneficiary — he has received more money in “salary” from it than it has ever donated to charity.

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Tebow Won’t Sign Autographs: Thank You Ebay!

There’s a lot of things you can say about Tim Tebow - his Christian act can come across as really self-righteous, his motivational barking and woofing on the sideline can seem overblown, you get the picture - but it’s pretty hard to claim that he’s not a good person. He really does do a lot of charity work, and despite the University of Florida asking him not to sign autographs last season, he continued to do so because he felt like he’d be letting down his fans if he didn’t.

Tim Tebow autographed SI cover

($36.99 and it’s yours … much to Tebow’s chagrin.)

Well, now he’s pulled the rug out from that practice, deciding that too many of his autograph seekers are trying to profit off his collegiate fame. According to the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES’ GATOR REPORT, Tebow is backing off from signing for everyone, largely because he thinks half of the stuff he signs is ending up on eBay.

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NFL Keeps Holmes’ MVP Caddy On The Down Low

It’s not quite the postgame classic that “I’m going to Disney World!” is, but across recent years, Cadillac has steadily made its delivery of the Super Bowl MVP’s Cadillac of his choice an annual staple, in both the Super Bowl and World Series. Well, this year the postgame car delivery service was conspicuously absent, and there may be a perfectly legitimate conspiracy theory behind it: GM just doesn’t want to be shown giving away free cars with the taxpayers’ bailout money.

cadillac toy escalade

(Cadillac may downgrade to toy Escalades for future MVPs.)

According to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Cadillac specifically asked not to be mentioned in postgame festivities or news conferences. And before you think this is all just a conspiracy theory, consider this: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell openly admits that Cadillac was left out of the post-event celebration because they wanted no part of it.

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Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek gives out autographs instead of Halloween candy

VARITEK SIGNING STUFF INSTEAD OF SUPPLYING SWEETS: Too cheap to go out and buy candy, Jason Varitek spent his Halloween night giving out autographs instead:

Jason Varitek Red Sox

The BOSTON GLOBE reports that the Red Sox catcher sat in front of his house and signed items for all the costumed youngsters that dare approached him.Varitek put his name on baseballs, shirts, hats, and even the pillowcases kids were using to haul their evening take of sugary goodies.

Sure, it was a huge thrill for a lot of these young fans & their parents, but would it have been so hard for Varitek to head over to the local Stop & Shop and pick up a bag of Bit O’ Honey or a supply of Snickers?

Halloween candy

It’s not like he couldn’t have found time for some shopping, since Series Games 5, 6, or 7, were no longer necessary.Lazy.