Tebow Won’t Sign Autographs: Thank You Ebay!

There’s a lot of things you can say about Tim Tebow - his Christian act can come across as really self-righteous, his motivational barking and woofing on the sideline can seem overblown, you get the picture - but it’s pretty hard to claim that he’s not a good person. He really does do a lot of charity work, and despite the University of Florida asking him not to sign autographs last season, he continued to do so because he felt like he’d be letting down his fans if he didn’t.

Tim Tebow autographed SI cover

($36.99 and it’s yours … much to Tebow’s chagrin.)

Well, now he’s pulled the rug out from that practice, deciding that too many of his autograph seekers are trying to profit off his collegiate fame. According to the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES’ GATOR REPORT, Tebow is backing off from signing for everyone, largely because he thinks half of the stuff he signs is ending up on eBay.

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Eric Moulds Will Sign Your Face With His Fists

Take note, autograph seekers: If you see ex-Bills wide receiver Eric Moulds hanging out, just minding his own business in a bar, and think it’s appropriate to ask him for an autograph, it is not. He will punch you in the face. Especially if you’re an Iraq War veteran. Ooh boy, this story’s got just about everything.

Eric Moulds

Police in Buffalo are investigating an incident from early Friday morning involving one of those fantastic Nor’easter barfights that put the rest of the nation to shame. Apparently, Moulds was out reminiscing about the olden days with current Bill Josh Reed when a man approached him in order to tell him how great he was and, you know, maybe just get a small signature of his as a memento. Moulds, meanwhile, just wanted to be left alone. And here is where the conflict began.

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