Austria Busts Out Win in Topless Soccer Match

Sure, Germany beat Austria in Euro 2008 action today. But the Austrians can still proudly throw out their chests from a bigger triumph over the weekend, when a group of Vienna vixens busted out a victory over a team of bare Bavarian babes in topless soccer action.

Austrian topless soccer team from behind

German topless soccer team from behind

(Perky performers from both teams were quite popular on press row)

REUTERS reports that two teams made up of porn stars erotic actresses met on a sandy pitch along the Danube River last Sunday. The ladies’s on-field kit was nothing more than painted-on jerseys & shorts, with some small thongs to keep a lid on any total nudity.

Austria bounced up a 10-5 win over the German g-string divas. But it was pretty rough going for both sides. Read more…

Free Beer For Life To Austrian Who Scores Goal

If Austria understands anything during this Euro 2008 tournament, it’s the power of alcohol. Earlier, we wrote how a bar in Salzburg would be offering free drinks every time a player gets a red card.

Austrian soccer fan beer

Now a Vienna brewery is taking the appeal of free booze one step fauther - by offering a lifetime supply to any Austrian player who can score a goal.

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Rugby Team Strips Pride and Clothes in Lithuania

After a 48-0 drubbing by the Lithuanian national rugby team in their capitol of Vilnius over the weekend, the Austrian national rugby team put their heads together to think of a way to embarrass themselves further at one of the local alcohol-dispensing establishments. Of course, being rugby players, they thought of something: group nudity.

Austrian national rugby team strips

(Yes. Yes, they do. And much more, besides.)

And, thanks to an intrepid Lithuanian blogger, we have video. This one’s for the Ladies…. (Do not look at the video at work. Seriously. Don’t do it.)

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