Olympic Village Helps Ugly People Have Sex, Too

When it comes to virile, 20-somethings inhabiting perfectly sculpted bodies, you really can’t have enough condoms. Half a million might sounds like a lot of latex, but in truth, an Olympic village full of sexy athletes can make quick work of a seemingly endless supply of prophylactics. Bow-chicka-wow-wow, indeed.

Matthew Syed

But this isn’t something new; according to former British Olympian Matthew Syed (handsomely pictured above), it’s a time-honored tradition as old as the Games.

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Gisele Ready To Shag It Up For ‘Austin Powers 4′?

REEL MOVIE NEWS shares some interesting info about Gisele Bundchen’s burgeoning film career. Apparently, the gal pal of Pats QB Tom Brady is on the verge of landing what’s sure to be her breakout role - as the female lead of the next “Austin Powers” movie.

Gisele Bundchen Austin Powers

Reportedly, (the) Brazilian beauty already has been given the script; her agent will meet soon with Mike Myers and director Jay Roach.

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