Election Night: Hockey Hottie Beaten For Palin Pin

You couldn’t tell it by looking at her, but Annie Grossmann is a tough kid.  She’s only 5′2 and weighs 120 pounds, but that never stopped her from playing on the boys hockey team in high school back in Alaska.  Annie is now in Minnesota, where she plays hockey at Augsberg College in Minneapolis.  She’s also a Republican which apparently doesn’t sit well with a lot of her fellow students at the school.

Annie Grossman

Last Tuesday night Annie joined a group of her friends to watch the election results and cheer on John McCain and her fellow Alaskan Sarah Palin.   After it became obvious that Barack Obama was going to win the election, and after dealing with the taunts of Obama supporters around her, she decided to head back to her dorm room.  Unfortunately for Annie, she still had her McCain/Palin pin on her shirt.

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