You Can Buy Mike Alstott’s ‘69 Camaro On eBay

Are you looking for a new car, but don’t want to follow the trend of buying one of these environmentally friendly hybrids, or fuel-efficient cars that those damn hippies are trying to stuff down your throat?   Do you want an old-fashioned muscle car that will blow the doors off of anybody you pass on the freeway?   Do you have around $200,000 to spend?  Well then I’ve got the car for you!

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back/fullback/fantasy football vulture Mike Alstott is selling his 1969 Camaro on eBay, and the current price is set at $195,500.   Of course, buying a car based solely on a picture, particularly at that price, probably isn’t the smartest move to make.  Lucky for you, I was kind enough to post a few more after the jump.

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Michael Vick’s Personal Mementos Bought For $10

While spending his days in prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, Michael Vick’s day to day life is probably pretty boring. He wakes up in the morning, eats, works out for an hour or so, does some work, and then goes back to bed. He also probably spends a lot of time trying not to get shanked.

While he’s inside a prison, life outside the prison walls carries on. The Atlanta Falcons are off to a 2-1 start behind their new quarterback Matt Ryan, and people are buying all of his old stuff at ridiculous prices. One man in particular got an entire storage locker full of Vick’s stuff for a whole ten dollars.

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