Orange Bowl Items Going On The Auction Block

Have you always wanted to go where Miami football legends have gone? Then why not bid on an Orange Bowl urinal?

Miami Orange Bowl

The MIAMI HERALD flushes down news that the bathroom fixtures are just one of the many O.B. items up for sale for the stadium’s going out of business sale.

A public auction will be held at the 70-year-old stadium from February 9-10. Everything inside & outside the Orange Bowl will be up for grabs - including lockers, turnstiles, air conditioners, ice makers, and even the trees surrounding the stadium.

The only items not part of February’s auction are the stadium seats, which will be available for purchase online starting next week. Also, the field’s turf, owned by the city of Miami, will be transferred for use in a city park. But the soil underneath is anybody’s for the right price.

As are the urinals. An organizer of the auction admitted, “We’ve gotten huge amounts of calls asking about that.”

Miami Virginia

Probably from fans wanting to do what the Hurricanes did in their last-ever game at the Orange Bowl.

Sharapova’s Soap Certain To Be Highest Seller

A Singapore hotel that will be hosting Maria Sharapova plans to clean up after the tennis star by selling off her bedsheets:

Maria Sharapova smile

UPI reports that the Fullerton Hotel will be offering up items used by Sharapova during her one-night stay - including bed linens, pillow cases, towels, and even a swimsuit. Sadly, the hotel room’s toilet seat will *not* be on the auction block.

Sharapova will be in Singapore for a December 30 exhibition match against fellow Russian Ana Chakvetadze, who could use some new bedding after recently being robbed.

Organizers say money from Maria’s used merchandise will go to charity. However, they didn’t reveal if any of the items would be washed beforehand.

Sharapova guys pulling

So, you perverted purchasers better act fast!