UFL Team In San Francisco Drafts Cocaine Dealer

Earlier this week, the UFL — the attempted upstart league that would challenge the NFL (ed. note: Yeah right, never heard that one before) — held its inaugural draft. In the second round, the team from San Francisco drafted a defensive end out of Auburn, Marquies Gunn. Normally, that might not make headlines, except for the fact that Mr. Gunn has a few, how should we say, indiscretions on his record.

marquies gunn

(Dude, don’t be so threatened, he just wants to know if you want any cocaine …)

Yes, the aptly named Mr. Gunn is a drug dealer. According to this report from the ASSOCIATED PRESS, Gunn was arrested in February for trying to sell cocaine to an undercover police officer three times across a six month period. Hey, we can at least give him credit for his persistence, right?

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