Majerus Hates Conference Tourneys & His Team

Remember Rick Majerus — the portly fellow who made a name for himself first for coaching Utah to a bunch of NCAA appearances and then later for talking about “oh-fense” on ESPN? Well, apparently he’s coaching again, and not exactly doing wonders for his Saint Louis team’s confidence as they went into their first-round matchup with Xavier in the Atlantic 10 tournament.

Rick Majerus is Debbie Downer

Seems that Rick thinks all these conference tournaments are stupid (something a lot of fans — and especially ESPN — might disagree with). But Majerus didn’t stop there. No, he basically acknowledged that his team didn’t have any chance of winning the tournament, and said it would be “phony” if it did. Way to pump up your guys, coach.

Fortunately, the Billikens lived up to their coach’s expectations.

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