Atl. Falcons Owner Wants New Stadium ALREADY?

While the economy might be starting to show some signs of life, it’s still not a particularly good time to embark on any ambitious projects that might be considered unnecessary. Like, oh, I don’t know, a new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons. Arthur Blank respectfully disagrees.

georgia dome

Despite having a current stadium that’s only 17 years old, and toting a fanbase that jumps ship faster than Somali pirates when the team isn’t playing well, Blank thinks that it’s a good idea to build a new dome. Of course, the only reason is so that he can own most or all of the stadium his team plays in. The Georgia Dome is owned and operated by the state.

The whole thing becomes much more angering when you see what one of the sites being considered for development is.

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Blog-O-Rama: Chris Weinke Card Up Blue Jay Way

BUGS AND CRANKS finds the minor-league baseball card of former Carolina Panthers QB Chris Weinke.

chris weinke toronto blue jays

DEADSPIN shows us the best belt buckle at the Masters this year.

WITH LEATHER tels us about a blind golfer’s hole in one.

THE SPORTS ECONOMIST notes the lack of development around St. Louis’ new ballpark.

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Georgia Blows Through Two SEC Games Saturday

The latest cliché in sports could very well be “tornado-proof.”

Georgia Basketball Empty Arena

After being left for dead on an Atlanta roadside, Georgia kept their season alive last night, winning their SEC semi-final game against Mississippi State, 64-60, only hours after upsetting Kentucky in overtime earlier that afternoon.

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Tornado Hits Ga. Dome, Postpones SEC Tourney

If you were waiting to see the result of the meeting between Kentucky and Georgia last night in the SEC men’s basketball tournament, keep waiting.

Kentucky Basketball Tornado City

The Georgia Dome, the building hosting the SEC tournament, was hit by something that meteorologists were reluctant to officially call a tornado. But if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and tears a big hole in your roof… Read more…

Hate To Say We Told You So On This One, But …

The ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION reports that Atlanta attorney Wanda Jacksonwithdrew her application for an arrest warrant against (Pacman) Jones, said Norris Arnold, a court support manager for Fulton County. Jackson had claimed the Tennesee Titans player “sucker punched” her at a northwest Atlanta strip club on Jan. 3.

Wanda Jackson

The AJC has no further details on Ms. Jackon’s action. We noted yesterday that Ms. Jackson’s complaint seemed rather dubious. And our suspicions turned out to be correct.

It is interesting to note that nowhere did we see or hear anyone else questioning Ms. Jackson’s claim (email us to links if we’re wrong). We imagine though there were plenty of you that probably thought what we thought.

Did Pacman “Sucker Punch” Own Divorce Lawyer?

Numerous media outlets report today that an Atlanta lawyer named Wanda Jackson is claiming to the police that Pacman Jonessucker-punched” her in an Atlanta strip club on January 3.

Wanda Jackson

Jones’ rap sheet is longer that Marv Albert’s fingernails (allegedly), but thanks to inconsistent reporting among media outlets, we find her complaint to police confusing, incomplete and possibly dubious (emphasize possibly, we’re not accusing her of anything yet).

Ms. Jackson, who is prominent enough for WSB-TV to have file footage of her, told WSB that she was in the strip club “working on a divorce case.”

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