Not A Repeat: Giants WR Involved In Gun Incident

Amid this entire “Plaxico Burress Shot Himself In The Leg Like That Cheddar Bob Guy From 8 Mile” controversy, there has been a rather salient question: Why, exactly, was Plaxico packing heat in the first place? And no, “Suicidal Leg Syndrome” is not a valid answer (though Pfizer is making a pill for it anyway).

Steve Smith Holdup
(You have to admit, that’s a really good drawing of a gun.)

Though we can’t know the real answer unless and until Plaxico tells us, a pretty good place to start would be Plaxico’s fellow receiver, Steve Smith; according to Tiki Barber at NBC (via NEWSDAY.COM), Smith was held up at gunpoint as he returned to his home in a gated community after a night out with friends Monday night. Okay, Tuesday at 4 a.m., but whatever.

“Ah, but if Smith lives in a gated community, how could he get robbed at his front door?”, you might ask. And there’s a simple and kind of disturbing answer waiting for you (proceeding emphasis ours):

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$7 Mil In Bling Stolen From Mayweather’s House

I had my car stereo broken into back when I was in high school, and I was furious. Technically, it wasn’t a car stereo, but a giant boom box (the size you might see during a scene in Beat Street). And it wasn’t really my car, either - it was my Dad’s Buick. Needless to say, I was quite a hit with the ladies.

Floyd Mayweather money

The point is that I would have paid good money to catch the lowlifes who broke into the car while I was at the movies. So I can sympathize with Floyd Mayweather Jr., who according to KVBC-TV in Las Vegas, is offering a $100,000 reward for information about stuff taken from his home during a robbery last month. The difference between him and I, though, is that while my “stuff” could be bought at K-Mart for around $50, his “stuff” is jewelry estimated to be worth $7 million.

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Eagles DT’s Home Robbed Of Video Games, Guns

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley had a pretty rough weekend. Not only did his team lose a (meaningless) preseason game to the Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night, but when he returned to his house Saturday, he found that burglars had ransacked his place and stole $7,950 worth of merchandise.

Brodrick Bunkley

The complete haul by the thieves, including guns, video games and cameras, is impressive to say the least. Details of the heist after the jump.

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Raiders WR Walker Found Unconscious In Vegas

New Oakland Raiders receiver Javon Walker was discovered Monday morning unconscious on a street corner in Las Vegas.

Javon Walker Broncos

KVVU-TV reports that Walker - the former Packer & Bronco who signed a 6-year with the Silver & Black back in March - had been found unconscious at the corner of East Flamingo Road & Koval Lane, about a block east of the Las Vegas Strip. Read more…