Bernie Kosar Flagged by IRS For Delay of Payment

Former Cleveland Browns star (?) Bernie Kosar has had a rough half-year. Last December, he finally ended his long, contentious divorce with Babette, his wife of 17 years. In January, he was forced to deal with the sure-to-be hilarious fallout from this awesome poster finding a second life on the Internet. And now, worst of all, the IRS is after him.

Bernie Kosar, Sports Illustrated cover

According to the MIAMI HERALD, the IRS has filed a $228,806.21 lien against Kosar. Since we’re not lawyer-types around here, we don’t know exactly what this means, but if it’s made it’s way into the papers we can’t imagine it’s good.

Kosar, meanwhile, blames it on the bills “getting lost in the mail” - that’ll happen when you’re going through a divorce - and on the fact that he’s been mired in another contentious battle, this time with his co-partner in the restaurant business about some missing money. Most importantly, ladies and gentlemen, we have some terse email exchanges between the two!

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Mike Ditka’s Restaurant Expanding Into Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh diners, better prepare yourself emotionally for mustache envy: Mike Ditka’s coming to town!

Mike Ditka Flipping the Bird

(Ditka passing in front of Jerome Bettis’ Grille 36)

Rumors are popping up that “Iron Mike” is getting ready to open the 3rd namesake restaurant in his very-slowly-expanding empire in Pittsburgh.

The PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW is reporting that the restaurant has been advertising for its first group of employees, even though no one’s exactly sure where the restaurant is going to be located.

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Dwyane Wade’s Restaurant Business Washes Out

So much for Dwyane Wade’s venture into the restaurant business. The Heat hoopster’s two Miami area eateries have both closed their doors after very short stints of operation.

Dwyane Wade Sports Grill out of business


The MIAMI HERALD and PALM BEACH POST both serve up news that D. Wade’s Sports Grill has shuttered its Fort Lauderdale location after just a few months in business. Dwyane already had his other restaurant in Boca Raton close earlier this spring.

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Vince Picks Daytona For Failed Restaurant Venture

Vince Carter is attempting to succeed where Vin Baker, George Brett & Jared Allen have failed - by starting up his own self-named restaurant.

Vince Carter Nets sitting

The DAYTONA BEACH NEWS-JOURNAL serves up news that the New Jersey Nets star is working on establishing a local upscale eatery. Well, actually, it’s his mom that’s doing all the work: Read more…

Haven’t Tasted Victory Lately, Dale Jr. Opens Bar

Drinking & driving once again races to the forefront, but this time, it’s about Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his brand-new bar in Charlotte.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Whisky River bar

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports there was a VIP grand opening earlier this week for Dale Jr.’s latest business venture, Whisky River. (Guess our invite got lost in the mail.) The bar is located in downtown Charlotte, right across from the Bobcats Arena, and just a few blocks away from the NASCAR Hall of Fame set to open in 2010. Location, location, location!

But some wonder why Dale Jr. would be working so hard on opening a watering hole, when he hasn’t tasted victory in his last 70 races.

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