Marital Bliss, Now Brought To You By Office Depot

Sponsorship is a big deal in NASCAR. One study showed that 89 percent of racing fans associate the sponsors with quality products (although one thinks they might still patronize sponsors like Coors Light and the Jerry Springer Show without the sponsorship). But rarely has a driver shown so much loyalty to his brand than Carl Edwards. Edwards is getting married in January, so he turned to his sponsor for help. After all, nothing says weddings quite like Office Depot?

Carl Edwards

(The reception will be held at the Stuckey’s off Route 40.)

In May Edwards carried a marriage proposal on the back of his No. 99 Office Depot car, but when it came time to plan his own nuptials, where better to go for free stuff? Weddings ain’t cheap. Granted, help from Kurt Busch’s sponsor Rubbermaid, or even Tony Stewart’s Home Depot might have made more sense. But Carl will never have to ask who moved his red stapler:

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Cooley To Tie Knot With Ex-Redskins Cheerleader

Chris Cooley is getting hitched on Friday. And the Redskins tight end is using his blog to gush & blush about his beautiful bride-to-be.

Chris Cooley Christy

(Chris pointing to Christy:Mine!“)

Cooley remembers meeting Christy about three years ago, when the Redskins cheerleader showed up at his house “like she had climbed out of a poster in my high-school bedroom.”

And as it turns out, it wasn’t just a random chance meeting.

(More provocative, possibly-NSFW pics of the future Mrs. Cooley post-jump.)

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Jessica’s Dad: Romo Marriage Wouldn’t Surprise

Those rumors of wedding bells between Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo could have some legs to them, according to the father of the would-be bride.

Joe Simpson Beer Helmet

FAN NATION picked up on an SI piece in which Joe Simpson was pretty candid about the love betwixt the QB and Yoko Romo. Read more…

Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson Getting Married?

Some fans believe Jessica Simpson is the reason Tony Romo didn’t get his Super Bowl ring this year (just as the NEW YORK POST). But she might be getting the Cowboys QB another ring - of the wedding variety.

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo

US MAGAZINE has the scoop that marriage plans may be in the playbook for the twosome - much to the dismay of Dallas fans (but to the delight of 31 other teams). The mag cowboys up confirmation & confidence from these confidants: Read more…