Charles Barkley To Have Televised Colonoscopy

Who is Charles Barkley? Given his propensity for “keeping it real” so frequently, it’s not a question we as a society normally seek to answer, just because he’s normally open about everything. However, if you have always wanted to know the inner things living deep inside Barkley to make him the man he really is, you’re about to get a treat. Or a really, really gross & rude awakening.

Barkley Ouch

flushes out the news (from PHILLY.COM) that Chuckles is about to undergo a televised colonoscopy in the name of a cancer benefit. And it looks like we finally get to find out just how full of it Barkley really is.

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HS Baseball Cancer Battler Meets Mario & Big Ben

John Challis’ heart-wrenching but inspiring story is getting the national recognition it deserves. (Yes, even the Worldwide Leader is now on it.)

John Challis Mario Lemieux

As the cancer-stricken high school baseball player keeps fighting against his terminal disease, he got to enjoy one more special evening - by meeting a couple of Pittsburgh’s biggest sports stars (with video after the jump).

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Cancer-Stricken Baseball Player Gets One Last Hit

John Challis has cancer. The 18-year-old baseball player from Freedom H.S. in Pennsylvania has been battling the disease for the past two years. Sadly, the cancer has spread throughout his body. Doctors have told him he may have as little as two months left to live.

John Challis cancer-stricken baseball player

But despite his tragic circumstances, Challis wanted the chance to step up to the plate one more time. And as Mike White of the PITTSBURGH POST- GAZETTE reports, John was able to experience a special moment not just for himself, but for his friends, teammates & family.

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Blog Jam: Coll. Wrestler Won’t Submit To Cancer

• The LADIES… will be our special guests this weekend with live wall-to-wall bloggage of this NFL Draft. In the meantime, they share the story of a college wrestler looking to chokeslam cancer.

Adam Frey wrestler fighting cancer

• HOME RUN DERBY would like to know what did Joba Chamberlain say to anger Erin Andrews.

• Speaking of the sideline siren, THE ANGRY T tries to decide who’s going to be the next sexy sports reporting sensation. We tend to agree with the anointing of Ines Sainz.

• YAHOO’s BALL DON’T LIE needs your help in figuring out what Celtics fans are shouting at the Hawks’ Mike Bibby.

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Nene Returns To Nuggets After Cancer Recovery

The DENVER POST bounces over the good news that Nene will be returning to action tonight, after the Nuggets forward spent the last two months recovering from testicular cancer.

Nene Denver Nuggets

Coach George Karl says he plans on putting in Nene sometime in the second quarter of tonight’s home game against the Mavericks, and is expecting quite a reaction from the Pepsi Center crowd:

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