Bonds’ Bride Bails On Barry, Files For Divorce

Hank Aaron doesn’t like him. Jeff Kent despises him. Heck, even Bank of America wants nothing to do with him. He’s baseball pariah Barry Bonds, and at this point it’s possible that most people just wish he would go away forever. It’s not that hard for most people to avoid him these days; baseball teams have no room at the inn for the broken-down, HGHed-up former slugger. He’s still a sideshow carnival like he was when he was cranking drug-fueled dingers out of ballparks, but these days his appearances in the news are spectacle of a sadder sort.

Barry Bonds and wife Liz Watson

Bonds’ string of schadenfreude continuted yesterday when the short list of people who can stand Bonds got a little bit shorter. Bonds’ soon-to-be ex-wife Liz Watson filed for divorce yesterday in Los Angeles.

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Wade’s Wife Claims Dwyane Delivered Some STDs

What do you give the wife who has everything? If you’re Dwyane Wade, you apparently give her everything else - such as gonorrhea, syphillis, chlamydia and the like.

Dwyane Wade Siohvaughn Wade

(She might want to re-think that kiss)

Or so claims Dwyane’s wife Siohvaughn. In the middle of a nasty divorce battle, the better half of the Heat star for the past six years says her hubby has infected her with an STD. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of Wade’s ice-cold behavior.

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