Women’s Basketballer Arrested For Counterfeiting

A few years ago I was shopping at Best Buy for some video games and a couple of DVD’s. I had over $100 worth of stuff I wanted but didn’t really need, and headed towards the cash registers. After being rung up and given the total, I handed the cashier some cash that included a $50 bill. Much to my surprise, the cashier’s little pen decided that my $50 wasn’t real. It was a counterfeit.

WKU's Arnika Brown arrested

The next thing I knew I was in a little room talking to the store’s security explaining to them that I had no idea the bill wasn’t real, and I had gotten it from the bank after cashing my paycheck. They checked all the other cash in my wallet, and when every bill was found to be real, they decided I was telling the truth and let me go. It was a relief because even though I knew I didn’t do it on purpose, I wasn’t really sure what could happen to me for using a counterfeit bill.

It was the type of relief that Western Kentucky basketball player Arnika Brown isn’t going to feel. No, it looks like she’s going to get into some real trouble for buying a bunch of merchandise with counterfeit money.

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