Alicia Sacramone Wants Back Inside Your Teevee

The BOSTON HERALD reports that “Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone is doing back-flips trying to land a TV gig to showcase her love of fashion and design.

Alicia Sacramone & Nastia Liukin in bikinis

The Herald has the intimate details of Sacramone’s quest to land a reality show, which include a “sort of test reel - for Bravo, A & E, Style and MTV.

Alicia Sacramone Punch

You thinking what I’m thinking? I think we have potential for a serious trainwreck reality show on our hands, considering the famewhore that Sacramone has turned out to be. But I doubt we’ll ever see Alicia back on the little screen, if her “reel” is any indication. Read more…