Great Oldies And Not-So-Good Times With Cedric

The PALM SPRINGS (CA) DESERT SUN reports former NBA player Cedric Ceballos was arrested on Monday for driving with a suspended license.

Cedric Ceballos Lakers

The ex-Laker & ex-Sun was picked up in the California desert town of Blythe on an outstanding warrant. Cedric would still be on the loose - if he didn’t try to pay for gas with an invalid credit card.

Ceballos was released after a night in Riverside County Jail. Hopefully this won’t affect his work as “master of ceremonies” at Suns home games - or compromise his lunchtime slot on Mega 104.3, Arizona’s old school station!

Devean George Makes a Mess Of Mavs-Nets Trade

If Roger Clemens gets a presidential pardon, we want one, too.

• Who would’ve thought Devean George would be such a power player in NBA trade talks?

Devean George hanging on hoop

• Meanwhile, the Association is gazing across the pond, as there’s plans to put teams in Europe.

Len Pasquarelli must like his job, as the ESPN writer is back at work after quintuple-bypass surgery.

• But Dan Patrick isn’t as gung-ho about the Worldwide Leader, as he takes a jab at his ex-employer & Chris Berman.

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Tyree’s Life Turned Around After 2004 Drug Arrest

The NEW YORK TIMES highlights just how David Tyree’s life has changed, not because of a memorable Super Bowl catch, but from his time in jail on drug charges.

David Tyree Super Bowl catch

The New York Giants receiver was arrested in 2004 after police found half a pound of marijuana in his car. The arrest was the culmination of a childhood spent getting high & drunk - often with his own family.

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HS Swim Coach Arrested For Secretly Taping Girls

An Indiana high school swimming coach has been arrested for secretly videotaping girls in the locker room.

empty swimming pool

The KOKOMO TRIBUNE reports that Kokomo coach Brian Hindson was hauled off by authorities on federal child pornography charges. After searching his home, police removed 65 items from Hindson’s house, including “computer hard drives, monitors, CDs, DVDs, camera equipment and Hindson’s passport.”

Hindson might have gotten away with his perverted actions, had he remembered to clear off his computer drives.

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SbB: Promoting Frozen Sports Anchors Since 2001

Today we celebrate the day LAUREN WENT DOWN. And …

• Why did Bob Knight leave Lubbock? The Texas Tech coach quit for his kid.

Bob Knight finger pistols

• A high school footballer is heading to Cal on a full scholarship - just don’t tell Jeff Tedford.

• So distraught over the loss, a former Pats staffer (Matt Walsh, maybe?) is selling his Super Bowl ring.

• According to the MSM, the only thing Plaxico Burress didn’t do was threaten to bleed on the Patriots.

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Fargo Cops Catch Criminals In Super Bowl Sweep

Police in Fargo, ND, figured that last Sunday would be the best bet to catch some criminals at home.

Fargo movie poster

THE DICKINSON PRESS reports that authorities made over 40 arrests during a Super Bowl Sunday sweep code named “Operation Touchdown”.

As many naughty North Dakotans sat down to watch the Big Game, “From 2:20 p.m. to about 9:45 p.m., Fargo police, Cass County deputies, U.S. marshals, and parole and probation officers fanned out around Fargo to serve about 300 outstanding warrants.”

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Giants Player Arrested Friday For Suspected DUI

Now we have some Super Bowl news. A New York Giants player has been arrested for a possible DUI two days before the Big Game.

The ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports that defensive end Adrian Awasom was stopped early Friday morning by state police. He was cited for suspicion of driving under the influence and extreme DUI, but was eventually released.

A Giants spokesman said Awasom has already been sent home. But it’s likely not such a big loss for the G-Men, as the backup DE has been on the injured reserve list since September.

No word if Awasom was caught in a golf cart. But the new vacancy should free up even more spots for Jeremy Shockey to watch the game with his team.

Rooftop Ravens Rooter Deemed a Deadbeat Dad

The BALTIMORE SUN learns the real reason why a Ravens fan would camp out on the roof of a local bar:

Ron Stach Ravens roof fan

To escape child support payments.

Ron Stach gained some publicity for himself and the Canton Station bar when he vowed to stay on the roof until the Ravens won a game, or until coach Brian Billick got fired.

Even though neither has occurred yet, Stach came down on Christmas Day. A few days later, police arrested Ron for failing to appear in court for a child support case.

Stach’s ex-wife Kelly alerted authorities to the fan’s deadbeat-dad ways, saying that he owes her over $43,000 for their now 18-year-old son.

Money 20s

Kelly remarked, “I just think it’s horrible that everyone out there thought he was this great supporter of the Ravens, and he hasn’t supported his own kid in the last 18 years.”

Meanwhile, the bar’s owner says he’s going to be more cautious about such publicity stunts in the future: “Any goof who wants to go on this roof, we’re going to do a background check from now on.”

Miami Police Pick Up Three Men For Questioning In Sean Taylor Fatal Shooting

SOMEONE BRAGGING ABOUT #21′S WEALTH LED TO CRIME? The MIAMI HERALD reports “Miami-Dade detectives have detained two teenagers and a man in his 20s in Lee County for questioning in the death of Washington Redskins football star Sean Taylor. Investigators believe the young men learned of Taylor’s house through someone who unwittingly set up the burglary by bragging about the football star’s wealth.

Sean Taylor And Daughter Jackie

The suspects include 17- and 19-year-olds and a 26-year-old. All hail from the Fort Myers area. Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents and at least two Miami-Dade homicide squads have been in Fort Myers and they picked up the young men Friday morning.“We wouldn’t want to be that “someone” right about now.