Andy Roddick All Ready To Marry Brooklyn Decker

Ah, supermodels. Can’t live with ‘em. Can’t live with ‘em. No, really. I can’t live with them. It’s apparently against “the law” or something. Like, if I just let myself in the door with a few tools I stole from the locksmith and sleep in their beds while they’re not there, this judge gets all mad at me and blah blah blah - I wasn’t really listening to him that closely.

Brooklyn Decker

Andy Roddick, though, he doesn’t need a stupid judge’s approval to marry his supermodel girlfriend Brooklyn Decker. Lucky jerk.
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NHLer, Jenny McCarthy’s Playmate Sister Tie Knot

Celebrity weddings are awesome, I think. We get to sit around and ponder what stupid things they will do and then discuss what kind of freak show children they are going to be cranking out and do over/under bets on divorce dates. But B-list weddings are even more fun.

Hockey Wedding

And when you combine a 30+ year old NHL player and a Playboy Playmate — who is more famous for being the sister of another playmate, well you certainly get B-List. The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS (via RANDBALL) dresses up the story of Dan Hinote and Amy McCarthy getting married this past weekend. Well, that and Jim Carrey dressing up as Fidel Castro.

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Wedding Photos: The New Mr. & Mrs. Eli Manning

Yes, ladies, it’s not just some joking with the paparazzi. The news is true - Eli Manning has officially tied the knot. The Super Bowl-winning QB has received another trophy, as Peyton’s li’l brother married college sweetheart Abby McGrew on Saturday.

Eli Manning wedding photo

(Guess the blue tint on the camera lens was in honor of the Giants)

The ceremony took place down in Baja, at some swanky resort in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. (Guess our Evite ended up in the spam folder.) It was nice of Eli to exchange vows in such a warm locale, especially after making Abby camp out on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field last January.

About 60 guests attended the “private” ceremony. But that didn’t stop the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS from snapping some pics! The wedding album starter set begins after the jump.

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