Steroids Helped Turn Female Athlete Into A Man

Thanks to all the attention given to steroids in sports over the last few years, the general public has become much more aware of the side effects that taking steroids can have on the body. Aside from having effects on a person’s emotions and personality, steroids can also effect the body in a negative way, not just help build muscle mass.

Andreas Krieger says steroids turned him from a woman to man

(Einhorn is Finkle! Finkle is Einhorn!)

For example, you’ve all probably seen the commercial where they show the marble statue of a man with a discus in his hands, and the statue falls apart. The narrator then says that “steroids don’t help your body, they destroy your body.” It’s a good message to send to the kids, but it does leave out one interesting aspect of steroids abuse. If they had shown a female statue on the commercial, they may have shown her growing a penis.

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