Baron Davis Paid $250K By Jenny Craig To Get Fat

The whole Baron Davis coming back to L.A. thing seemed like a good idea a few months ago. Until BD realized that Elton Brand was taking off for Philly and Mike Dunleavy was still in charge. Davis is averaging 18 points per game, but shooting only 39% from the field for the 4-16 Clips. He already looks like he wants out.

Baron Davis

(This picture taken right before Boom Dizzle ate Elgin Baylor)

Now, it seems that Baron wasn’t even in game shape to start the season because of a weight-loss endorsement that had him get fat so he could lose the weight using some sort of diet drink. How very Hollywood of him.

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Consultant: Players Unions Need “Dose of Reality”

Is athlete endorsement money drying up? Ever since Tiger Woods split with GM last week, there is concern among super-wealthy athletes that they might have to start settling for earning just the millions they get for playing their sport. The horror.


But the economic troubles are not just hitting the endorsement market. With the NBA and NFL collective bargaining agreements up for renewal in the next couple of years, one sports consultant is saying that players associations are going to need a “dose of reality” or face not having a league to play in anymore.

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Would You Spend $100 Million On Ana Ivanovic?

How much is Ana Ivanovic worth? Not from a creepy, Robert Redford from Indecent Proposal sort of way, but from a sports marketing standpoint? That’s the question being asked by Darren Rovell at CNBC, as the stunning Serbian tennis ace is looking for a lifetime shoe and apparel endorsement deal worth up to $100 million - potentially the most lucrative endorsement deal in women’s sports history.

Ana Ivanovic kneeling down

The “lifetime” deal would actually be for the projected length of her career, in the 20-year-old Ivanovic’s case 10 years, making the figure a cool $10 million a year. That would include incentives for winning major tournaments, staying healthy and playing an a high number of tournaments to increase her visibility. The trick for Ivanovic and her management is to get as much of that money guaranteed as possible.

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SbB’s Many Shining Moments At The ‘08 Final Four

Wow, that was some national championship game, wasn’t it?

• The best part of last night’s title tilt - spotting Greg Ostertag afterwards.

Greg Ostertag Final Four Alamodome

• With March Madness finally over, will Bill Self & John Calipari be seeking employment elsewhere?

• Overall, the Final Four rocked - even if it really didn’t hip-hop.

• And who better to ease the Memphis Tigers’ pain than Jesse Jackson?

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Bears Lineman Gets His Face On Some Hot Buns

Let Peyton Manning maintain his Mastercard. Have Tiger Woods gulp down his Gatorade. Allow Donovan McNabb to slurp up his Chunky soup.

Roberto Garza Chicago Bears Super Bun

But as far as athletes & product endorsements go, none of those guys can hold a jock strap to Roberto Garza and Super Bun!

Wait - Who? What?

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