Does The NFL Have A Religious Double Standard?

There’s no arguing that religion plays a significant role in the NFL. (Of course, some people might argue that the NFL is a religion itself, but that’s another topic.) Players hit their knees to pray whenever a serious injury occurs (like with Willis McGahee this past weekend), at the end of games, whenever they score a touchdown - heck, probably to celebrate successfully charging through the smoke-filled tunnel before the game.

NFL Prayer

Which has led the folks at the NY TIMES FREAKONOMICS BLOG to ask a question: shouldn’t the folks at the atheist American Humanist Association - who recently failed in their quest to have “So help me God” removed from the presidential oath of office - be focusing on the NFL instead? After all, their rules on touchdown celebrations seem to be a little biased. For proof, check out the video from soon-to-be-ex head of officiating Mike Pereira has to say on the subject:

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