Rodman Dines, Dashes, And Possibly Assaults

Throughout his lifetime there has been a recurring theme to Dennis Rodman. Whether he was on the court, or off it, he seems plagued by the same thing whatever he’s doing. He just makes bad decisions.  Whether he was kicking a cameraman, or more recently choosing a reality show reunion over rehab. Or dropping all those F-bombs in front of the kids. Or deciding to make a movie about playing basketball with a team of dwarfs. Okay, maybe that last one isn’t so bad, but you get the point.

Well, Rodman is still being Dennis Rodman as he and some friends decided to eat dinner at a hotel in Miami on Friday night. The group racked up a $1,000 bill, which is pretty expensive for some dinner. They were probably thinking the same thing, and then they decided they didn’t want to pay the bill, so they dined and dashed.

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Richard Seymour’s Wife Charged With Lynching

Why, you ask, would we be scared out of our shivvies by the wife of an NFL lineman? Well, maybe because Tanya Seymour, Pro Bowler Richard Seymour’s high school sweetheart and mother of his four children, was just charged with lynching … in South Carolina. Did we mention she’s African American? That’s got to take something, right? To be African American and charged with lynching in South Carolina?

tanya seymour richard seymour mug shot

(Wait, this is Richard Seymour’s wife? Really?)

The details of Mrs. Seymour’s attack come from WLTX TV in  South Carolina, which claims that the assault came at a New Year’s Eve party. And while Seymour is charged with lynching, she didn’t actually try to string someone up. Rather, she just beat the woman senseles, sending a flurry of punches to her body and face. Lee Higgins, the Police Beat Reporter at THE STATE, the Columbia, S.C. daily, has the more in-depth take here.

One victim suffered a “busted lip and contusions under her right eye and to her finger,” according to an affidavit. The other “sustained a bruise to her left arm, scratches to her face and a sprained right wrist,” according to another affidavit. That victim also had a sore scalp from one attacker pulling her hair, it says.

Owwwww. And why would Mrs. Seymour launch such a heinous sneak attack on a fellow South Carolinian? Well, this may come as a shock (it shouldn’t), but old Richard was supposedly sleeping with the victim.

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Delaware Soccer Player Takes A Bite Out Of Ref

Usually, soccer hooliganism is restricted to Europeans, since most of us on this side of the pond couldn’t be bothered to get that riled up. However, as you get ready to watch the Netherlands take on Russia in the Euro 2008 quarters, consider this story out of Delaware where one player objected to a red card in a fairly aggressive manner.

Soccer Player Biting Ref

Most players are likely to give the ref a piece of his or her mind when tossed, but Philly’s WCAU NBC 10 reports that New Castle County police arrested a man named Rannord A. Jones after he decided to object to an unsportsmanlike conduct call with even more unsportsmanlike conduct: biting the ref in the face.

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Porcher Awaits Sentence For Waiting Room Fight

The air can get pretty tense in that waiting room. Stale magazines, germ-infested kids toys, and … oh, there’s your ex-wife. But former Detroit Lions defensive end Robert Porcher decided to turn an awkward moment into an assaulty moment last December, and yesterday he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault.

Robert Porcher / Waiting Room assault

His sentencing will be in April, and this is certainly a fall from grace, considering in 2005 THE DETROIT NEWS named Porcher and his then-wife Kimberly the Michiganians Of The Year. Read more…

Penn State Beer Basher Actually U of Pittsburgh Student

PENN STATE BEER BASHING REVEALS THE PITT OF DESPAIR: A Penn State partygoer shown smashing a beer into a Ohio State fan’s face isn’t even studying in State College:

Pittsburgh Penn State fan

The CENTRE (PA) DAILY TIMES reports that the Old Style offender is actually a University of Pittsburgh student. And it turns out the fans he attacked belong to the same fraternity that was hosting the unsportsmanlike shindig.Video has circulated of a couple of Buckeyes fans getting pelted with Pabst as they walked by a PSU frat social last Saturday. The OSU backers were showered with both beer & insults as they passed.

Ohio State Fans attacked

(video language NSFW)

The Pitt prick decided to chase after one of the fans and throw a beer point-blank at the Buckeye, to the hoots and hollers of the tanked-up crowd. The guy behind the camera congratulates the tosser, telling him “That’s the sickest thing I ever f**king seen! Yo, you are the man! Give me a f**king pat on that!“University officials learned that the fans were members of the Ohio State chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha, the same group that was hosting the rude revelry.

Pi Kappa Alpha shirt

So much for fraternal loyalty.The Pitt pursuer could be facing assault charges, while the Pi guys will be getting a citation for disorderly conduct.

Guess when your own school is bringing up the rear in the Big East, you seek opportunities to be an ass elsewhere. However, the guy might want to try Temple, since the Nittany Lions were tranquilized by OSU, 37-17.

Wife Of Oregon Coach Bellotti Attacked Reporter In Booze-Fueled Tirade

MIKE BELLOTTI’S BOOZE HOUND-WIFE’S PRESS BOX ATTACK The PORTLAND OREGONIAN’s John Canzano has the sad, pathetic news that he was attacked by the wife of Oregon Coach Mike Bellotti, Colleen, in a booze-fueled tirade.

Mike Bellotti Colleen Bellotti

Canzano recently columnized about the Bellotti’s son, Luke, who received two DUIS. In the height of irony, Mrs. Bellotti (accompanied by her children and nanny) responded to the piece by initiating a violent, alcohol-infused, “hissing” attack against Canzano in the Oregon press box during the Ducks-USC game last Saturday.Canzano reports, “I also told her I believe two DUIIs by an athlete, and coach’s son, are newsworthy to all media outlets, especially considering how her son’s double-secret suspension was treated by the same program that publicly suspended other athletes for alcohol-related offenses. I was disappointed in her approach. Particularly that there were 4-5 children present with her, including the youngest Bellotti son.

She leaned in, grabbed by my suit lapel, and lit into me with a string of expletives. I told it was poor form that she would approach me in the press box, with a strong smell of alcohol on her breath, hissing and spitting mad, talking to me about alcohol abuse.

Though there’s no excuse for two DUIs, and his dad’s mishandling of the situation, right now we feel really, really sorry for Luke Bellotti. We think being the son of a booze hound is far worse than being on fake scholarship.