Photo: Kutcher Photo Incriminates Hawkeye Hoops

Tom Witosky of the DES MOINES REGISTER breaks the news today that the University of Iowa has admitted to NCAA recruiting violations resulting from contact between two basketball recruits and Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

Ashton Kutcher photo with Marcus Paige

On Sept. 15, the NCAA sent a letter to the Univ. of Iowa  accusing the school’s basketball program of allowing the meeting on Sept. 11 between basketball recruits Marcus Paige and Josh Oglesby and the actors. On Oct. 1, after an internal investigation, Iowa confirmed that such meetings took place.

Paige and Oglesby met Kutcher, a Univ. of Iowa supporter, and Moore on a football weekend in Iowa City. Paige later Tweeted a photo of himself and Kutcher while Oglesby subsequently told a reporter from a recruiting website about the visit. The Paige Twitter photo and published report of Oglesby’s comments is what set the NCAA’s investigation of impropriety in motion.

But why is meeting Kutcher and Moore an NCAA violation? (Neither are U of I graduates or have any formal ties to the school.) Read more…

Freshman Football Kids: Coach Ashton A Douche

A few weeks back, Ashton Kutcher revealed to the world that he has taken on the job of assistant coach of a freshman football team in North Hollywood. He just couldn’t stand the thought of Snoop Dogg getting all the credit for being America’s top celebrity football coach.

Ashton Kutcher

Surpringly, Kutcher isn’t quite as popular with his players as Snoop is. In fact, despite Ashton saying that he’s really “blessed” with the opportunity to coach the youngsters, his players apparently don’t feel the same way. They even reportedly have a secret name for him when he’s not around…

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Brett Favre “Pranks” Teammate With Dead Animal

It’s a well known fact that locker room pranks have a way of building camaraderie, bringing teammates closer together, and just loosening some of the tension associated with the trials and tribulations of your average sports season. Some pranks, however, are a bit more “intense” than others. Say, sticking a dead animal in your teammate’s locker.

Brett Favre

(Favre tries to keep himself from laughing)

The NEW YORK TIMES is reporting that newly-minted Jet Brett Favre made a special delivery inside of linebacker Eric Barton’s locker a few weeks ago. The item: An unknown dead animal that was encased in a bag “full of blood and guts”. Oh, Brett Favre. You’re incorrigible!

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Jessica Simpson Jaws About ‘Boys Beating Eagles

Jessica Simpson decides to talk a little smack at the Philadelphia Eagles. What could possibly go wrong?

Jessica Simpson

Vince Young still feels a bit down - maybe a shrink can help him out.

Curt Schilling won’t share in New York’s elation over Tom Brady’s injury.

• Wooooo! Ric Flair gets beaten up by his daughter’s boyfriend, yet it’s the daughter who gets arrested for assaulting the cops.

Pete Carroll won’t play around with your conference call phone pranks.

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Ashton Kutcher Is Coaching High School Football

For a 30-year old, Ashton Kutcher has worn a lot of different trucker hats in life.   He was first thrust into the spotlight as a male model before taking off after joining the cast of That 70’s Show.   Ashton then used his television success to branch out into movies, produce his own prank show on MTV, and land his own cougar, Demi Moore.

Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis

Now, for his next trick, Kutcher is going back to his Iowa-born roots.  No, he’s not making meth in the middle of an Iowa cornfield (at least, I don’t think he is), he’s getting back into football.  Ashton played wide receiver for his high school football team, and now he’s taken off the pads and replaced them with a clipboard.

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Iowa Women Want To Have Sex w/Cyclones Coach

When the DES MOINES REGISTER recently asked Iowans what Hawkeye State celebrity they’d like to make sweet love to, many gals went gaga over Gene Chizik.

Gene Chizik Iowa State football coach

(Gene Chizik - Cyclones football coach & sex symbol)

THE WIZARD OF ODDS informs us that the Iowa State football coach was one of the lucky few fellows that Des Moines dames desired as their “celebrity sex partner“. Read more…