Soccer Player Gets Rocks Off In Front of Webcam Viewer

SOCCER PLAYER CAUGHT ON WEBCAM W/HANDS ON BALLS: WITH LEATHER via YOU BEEN BLINDED finds an English soccer player with a perverted pre-game ritual:

Ashley Young webcam

Aston Villa striker Ashley Young was caught stroking his own goalpost to a webcam watcher hours before England’s match against Russia.

As he went on with his one-man show, Young was also texting the female viewer about all the activities he would love to do with (and to) her. With more asterisks than Barry Bonds’ last season at bat, NEWS OF THE WORLD posted these proposals:

I’d love to lick ur ****** making them nice and ****…yeh babe, teasing ur ****.

Ashley Young News of the World graphic

“I wanna have my **** between ur **** and u ****ing the top of my ****.”

The aghast gal was shocked at the dick-splay, saying, “I’d gone on for some flirty chat but what I got was a randy sex addict.”

Despite the naughty bits broadcast, the woman did offer one big compliment: “He’s got an impressive package, but I was amazed he could just show it off like that.”