Erin Andrews Vs. The World In Pages Of Playboy

It’s that time of year again: time to actually read PLAYBOY for the articles. That’s because, for the third time, the mag is letting you pick the sexiest sportscaster. They’ve narrowed down the choices to 30 and are letting you vote, so put those one-hand typing skills to good use and stuff the ballot box for your favorite.

Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews is listed first, so while the list might be in alphabetical order, it may as well be in order of the favorites too. Andrews took this competition in a landslide last year (Jill Arrington won it the first year), and if I were a betting man, I would consider taking Andrews over the field. Like the Bulls of the mid-90s, even if she’s not putting the best team on the court, her momentum is unstoppable. But there’s no such thing as a sure thing; let’s take a look at some of the women hoping to dethrone America’s Sideline Princess™. (And by “let’s take a look,” I mean “let’s post some pictures.”)

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Blog Jam: Ashley Russell Bounces To Big Ten TV

• BUSTED COVERAGE informs us that Ashley Russell, previously known as the ravishing reporter for, has found a network TV job.

Ashley Russell

Sure, it’s just the Big Ten Network, but everyone has to start somewhere.

• WITH LEATHER breaks down Billy Wagner breaking down at a press conference, as the Mets pitcher is asked about possible retirement.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS realizes that Georgia RB Knowshon Moreno likes to get high during games - with big leaps over would-be tacklers.

• With Tom Brady on the shelf, FOOD COURT LUNCH suggests the Patriots give Drew Bledsoe a call - before he calls them.

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LSU Tailgate Whores Perform For Tigers Huddled Masses

LSU COED SHAKES TAILGATE FOR TIGERS HUDDLED MASSES: Top-ranked LSU tees it up in Oxford Saturday against hapless Ole Miss.

Ole Miss Cheerleaders Bending Over

While Oxford is one of the best tailgate locales you will find (the women there are vastly underrated, shh, don’t tell anybody!), it can’t top LSU tailgating, where the Saban-haters scare up local bachelor party performers to *entertain* the armadillo-eating masses:

LSU Tailgate Whore

Louisiana native Britney Spears would be proud of her peroxide-based, emaciated brethren, as they shake their tailgates before games for fun (and profit!):

LSA Tailgate Whore

Meanwhile, we plan to stay home on Saturday to watch Kansas attempt to throw its season away against upstart Iowa State. And watch porn star-breasted Ashley “Wonky Eyes” Russell as she slowly morphs into Burt Reynolds (her face is now tighter than a snare drum, with a lovely waxy sheen):

Ashley Russell Fake Boobs With Pulled Back Face

Ashley Russell Anchors Rivals’ Top Heavy College Football Coverage

WE PREFER MUCH LESS COVERAGE IN RIVALS’ REPORTING: Yahoo Sports is the only giganto sports website we visit, thanks to a more understated, measured approach. The site columnists give us everything and more that the grandstanding, me-first cartoon characters at - without the involuntary audio, RAM-robbing pop-ups, takeover screens and Mike and Mike annoying Ad du jour (no Greenberg, my foot odor really isn’t that bad).

Ashley Russell Rivals College Football Boobs

Though with the addition of content, we find the site to be a top-heavy in the college football department.

Ashley Russell

But we’ll take Ashley Russell over the unintentionally ironic boobs in Bristol any day. (Click on the pics below for larger versions.)

Ashley Russell

Ashley Russell

Ashley Russell

UPDATE: THE BIG LEAD reports today that Yahoo Sports passed in visitors last month. And TBL has another link to Russell, who we think may soon become an internet sensation (without the arrogant, fake protestation and rapist-defending lawyer father).