Force Sister Continues to Bring “Hot” to Hot Rods

• Racers on the hot rod circuit will have to deal with a new emerging (and enchanting) force - Ashley Force’s younger sister Courtney:

Courtney Force

• Everything is magical about Tom Brady - from his supermodel wife to his miraculously quick recovery from knee surgery.

Kimbo Slice is trying to get back into MMA the only way he knows how - through a UFC reality TV series.

• Justice Clarence Thomas knows how to keep football recruits committed to Nebraska - by speaking at their high school commencement.

• Remember to always take special care when celebrating your soccer team’s promotion on top of a bouncy Brazilian bus.

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Racer Courtney A New Force to be Reckoned With

We’re all pretty familiar with Ashley Force, the divine drag racer who’s very easy on the eyes. Well, Ashley also happens to have a cute sister by the name of Courtney, who’s also following in her sibling’s footsteps on the NHRA circuit.

Courtney Force

Lucky for us, we’ll be able to follow Courtney’s trials & tribulations through the season as she starts work writing a new column for USA TODAY. Today marks Courtney’s journalistic debut, as she gives us some background on her racing lineage and what she expects to accomplish this summer.

(And we give you more pics after the jump.)

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Whatever Happened to Sarah Fisher, Anyway?

We here at SPORTSbyBROOKS have taken to showing this mashup when we talk about female racers. We’ve covered both Danica Patrick and Ashley Force at some length and pairing them up made sense on a few levels, some more obvious than others.

Danica Patrick Ashley Force

Here’s our favorite reason, though: they’re women that are winners. (Finally, in one case.) We all love winners. We all want to associate with winners. Can they do it again? They’re young enough that we have to grant them time. After all, Ashley’s dad still wins races and the peak age for an open-wheel racer is higher than in most sporting events.

Sarah Fisher

Which leads us to Sarah Fisher. As pointed out by JALOPNIK when she endorsed Hillary Clinton this week, she’s never finished higher than 17th. She’s only 18 months older than Danica Patrick and has years of American racing on Patrick. So why does USA TODAY find Fisher scraping for sponsor dollars while Patrick rolls in the millions?

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Review: Rahals Not Revved Up About Speed Racer

“Speed Racer” makes its pit stop in movie theaters this Friday. So, ESPN THE MAGAZINE decided to send a couple of real racers to review the film.

Bobby and Graham Rahal

(Graham & Bobby Rahal embrace atfter surviving a “Speed Racer” screening)

And Bobby & Graham Rahal were given the honors. Bobby is a former Indy 500 winner and race team co-owner with David Letterman, while son Graham recently won the IRL Honda Grand Prix.

So, what did the Rahals think of this latest cinematic offering from the guys that brought you “The Matrix”? Read more…

Roger Clemens Cuddled Up With Mindy McCready?

• Country singer Mindy McCready admits that she’s been randy with Roger Clemens for quite some time - starting back when she was just 15.

Mindy McCready Roger Clemens

Is it true? Well, Mindy’s mom confirms the connection.

• Just about a week after Danica Patrick tasted victory, Ashley Force is the latest hot motor mama to roll into the winner’s circle.

• A topless cyclist has been terrorizing and/or tantalizing a California town for some time now.

LeBron James has no time for a photo-op with a lowly fan like you.

• Who would’ve though that women’s collegiate track & field relays would be so violent. Thank goodness Allison Stokke sticks to pole vaulting.

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Ashley Force Latest Cutie To Claim Checkered Flag

Move over, Danica Patrick - another lady racer who’s been sending hearts a-racin’ is joining you in the Winner’s Circle.

Danica Patrick Ashley Force

(L: Delectable driver Danica Patrick; R: Awesome auto gal Ashley Force)

RACING FOR THE WIN reports that dragster Ashley Force claimed victory in Atlanta on Sunday, becoming the first female Funny Car winner in NHRA history.

What made the victory more memorable is that Ashley was able to defeat her dad: Read more…

Video Of Horrific John Force Drag Racing Crash

DRAG RACING OLDSTER MISTAKES BRAKE FOR GAS PEDAL?: Video of 63-year-old Kenny Bernstein getting run down by 58-year-old whippersnapper John Force yesterday at some drag race not worth identifying (both survived the ordeal):

John Force Crash Video

This marks the second time we’ve been Force-fed drag racing news in as many weeks. Last week Force’s daughter Ashley was named the “Hottest Athlete in Sports.

Ana Ivanovic Photos

Apparently the voters are unaware of tennis player Ana Ivanovic.

Racer Ashley Force Named AOL’s Hottest Athlete

• FAST MACHINES waves the checkered flag, as Funny Car driver Ashley Force is named AOL’s Hottest Athlete:

Ashley Force

• BUGS AND CRANKS briefs us that Phillies RF Shane Victorino likes to go commando.• ARMCHAIR GM is in awe of these awesomely awesome moments from the first NFL game this season.

• Staying on the field, the AOL FANHOUSE wonders who’s the hoser running the NFL’s web site, as they catch this screen shot of the Colts scoring a rouge against the Saints:

Colts Saints 1 CFL McKenzie Bros

• The LONG BEACH PRESS-TELEGRAM fears UCLA football going the way of the NHL, as the Bruins’ home opener will be televised by Versus.• SONS OF SAM MALONE wants a penny for Elijah Dukes’ thoughts, and his ex-wife wants more in alimony and child support.

• With HGH allegations looming, 100% INJURY RATE asks if Rick Ankiel will get the same treatment as Barry Bonds:

Rick Ankiel Barry Bonds Juice

• The WILLOUGHBY (OH) NEWS-HERALD wonders if the success of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indians will rub off on the Browns. (Wait, there was success to begin with?)• The TULSA WORLD keeps quiet so they can listen to what these football folks are probably saying right now.

• The CANADIAN PRESS reports Kobe Bryant went to Taiwan and got head & banned…er, got a headband from an aboriginal tribe:

Kobe headband Taiwan

• While over on the Chinese mainland, SPORTS BUSINESS RADIO is afoot of Nike, adidas and Li-Ning fighting for the soles of the Beijing populace.• RUMORS AND RANTS gets a kick out of previewing this weekend’s UFC 75.