Bolivian Bikini Beauty Great Off Basketball Bench

We also share Goose Gossage’s salute to the Yankees coaching staff.

Meet Claudia Porras - college basketball bencher & Bolivian bikini beauty:

Claudia Porras bikini basketball

Michelle Wie smiling after 69. Need we say more?

The Marlins will finally be getting a new stadium. Now, Jeffrey Loria better get a new team.

Chris Berman responds to his Internet-leaked videotaped tirades.

Kobe Bryant doesn’t care about other players getting their rings.

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This Cheerleader Movie Is On The Wrong Channel

Would you like to see Ashley Benson starring in an awesome, raunchy movie about five Texas cheerleaders who are out of control?

Ashley Benson

Well, too bad. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER indicates such a movie has been given the go-ahead … by Lifetime. Read more…