Canadian Authorities Re-Open Gatti Murder Case

Our justice system is far from perfect. It’s overworked, understaffed, and too often those with the means to pay high-priced lawyers end up seeing a very different version of justice than their poorer counterparts. Mistakes get made and details overlooked. But compared to much of the rest of the world, the vast majority of our country’s law enforcement professionals are just that - professional.

Arturo Gatti David Caruso

(This was one fight that….Gatti couldn’t win. YEAAAAHHHH)

From the frontline patrol officers to the top criminal investigators, we almost take it for granted that for the most part, our system runs the way it’s supposed to, and the people running it know what they’re doing. The same can’t be said of other countries…like Brazil. Only days after Brazilian investigators surprisingly ruled Canadian boxer Arturo Gatti’s death-by-purse-strap a suicide, a second autopsy performed by authorities from Gatti’s home province of Quebec raised questions about the competency of Brazilian authorities and led investigators to re-open the murder investigation. Duh.

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Cops: Wife Strangled Arturo Gatti With Purse Strap

Brazilian police think they have pieced together the killing of former boxing champ Arturo Gatti, and according to THE TORONTO STAR, all signs point to his wife as his murderer. Authorities say there were plenty of inconsistencies in Amanda Rodrigues’ testimony during questioning and they’ve taken her into custody while preparing to file murder charges.

Arturo Gatti

Among the holes in her story: the fact that police believe Gatti was strangled to death with the strap of a purse, which was found with blood stains. Or that her and Gatti had fought and got drunk the night before, because they were allegedly jealous of each other and Gatti was upset with her choice of clothing. Or - and this is most damaging - how she spent 10 hours with him before realizing he was dead.

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